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They love to be together. Sometimes they’re together for too long, and they lose patience with eachother. But with each scuffle, they grow. We can see it, and it’s encouraging knowing that God uses each confrontation with eachother for the good of those who love and obey Him. It’s funny how much they miss eachother, and they really care for eachother, no matter how much that doesn’t show.

I take them out as often as possible, taking advantage of this wonderful weather her in SoCal, and the great parks in Simi Valley.

Each of their personalities makes things interesting. We’re very thankful they’re not all alike. Tyson’s the creative perfectionist, Owen’s the independent surfer dude, and we’re still figuring out Seth, but it seems like he’s the loving, copycat. Either way, we love them all and look forward to the years that God has already planned for us.